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My Lesson On The Importance Of Hair Trims

My natural hair care routine went through a couple of game changers in 2017.  The first was discovering the power of Ayurvedic treatments and incorporating them into my regimen. The other was investing in a hair steamer for my deep conditioning treatments. Both were very helpful with improving my hair’s health and promoting maximum growth. However, I left out one critical component that finally caught up with me – not getting a regularly-scheduled hair trim! 

My Hair Trim Neglect

I’ll admit that routine hair trims have always been low on my priority list. I preferred the “search and destroy” trimming method.  I thought that it worked okay for my hair, but it prove not to help keep my hair in an OVERALL healthy state. Although my hair was healthy and had no split ends, my ends were noticeably “old” and sparse. Also, around late November, I began experiencing an increase with tangles. There was no denying that my hair needed a REALLY good trim.

an eclectic lady natural hair pre-trim
Pre-Trim – Taken About A Month Ago

Sooooo, with the start of a new year comes some new goals, of course! My hair goals are not so new but did require some tweaking. Optimal hair health, growth and length retention is what it’s all about for my tresses this year!  What better time to jump start things than with a proper professional hair trim!

Jaded Tresses

My last professional hair trim took place almost two years ago which is way too long to go without a good trim. I am extremely lucky to have a stylist that I can completely trust to do the job. So a few days before the new year,  I paid the talented Tameeka McNeil Johnson of Jaded Tresses, aka “The Curl Whisperer,” a visit in her South Orange, New Jersey location.  Click on this link for more information: Jaded Tresses.

One concern that I had was the possibility of the back area being uneven due to my trim neglect. My curls are tighter in the lower back part of my head. Even with the most diligent hair care, it can be hard to tell if that area is okay. Tameeka took a thorough look at my hair and scalp. Assuring me that my hair was not uneven, she did confirm that it was in need of a good trim.

Darius (Tameeka’s assistant) gave my hair a spa-like wash and conditioning, then gently towel-dried and prepared it for trimming. From there, Tameeka worked her magic. After trimming my hair, she divided it into sections in preparation for my wash-and-go style. Working on one section of hair at a time, she rewetted then applied her signature “curl whispering” products – Biggah the Butta and Around the Way Gel. Next I sat under a hooded dryer for about 20 minutes followed by Darius diffuse-drying my curls into beautiful submission.

The Results

I must say that Tameeka took my curl definition to another level! It has never been an issue for my hair but I can see why she is known as “The Curl Whisperer!” When she asked if I wanted my curls fluffed out a bit, I said “No!” I was totally blow away and wanted to keep them exactly as is, thank you!

an eclectic lady natural hair
My Freshly-Trimmed Tresses

Those scraggly ends are gone and my curls look so much better!  As you can see in the photo on the left, my hair appears a lot shorter and not as full. This is due to hair shrinkage and minimal style manipulation. From what I saw she trimmed about two to three inches of hair off. The photo below shows my hair one week post trim after doing my weekly hair care routine.  I love how juicy my ends look!

natural hair wash and go
My Hair One Week Post Trim

What’s Next?

I will continue on with my Ayurvedic hair care regimen along with a few tweaks that I will share in a future blog post. My focus will be on giving my “new” ends a lot of extra love during my daily and weekly routines. I may even try some protective styles!

From now on routine hair trims will play a very crucial part in keepings my ends as healthy as possible. Tameeka recommends having your ends trimmed every four to six months. I will see her again in the spring so that she can check my hair and advise on my needs accordingly.

I’m excited to see how regular hair trims will impact my natural hair journey this year. Trust that I have learned my lesson!

If you live in the tristate area, I highly recommend seeing Tameeka and her team at her New Jersey or New York City location! They are truly amazing and so very nice!

Thank you so much Tameeka and Darius! See you in the spring!

Here’s another link to website:  Jaded Tresses

Note: This is NOT a sponsored blog post!  I paid for all of the services provided by Jaded Tresses.



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