Music Playlist For The Tastefully Eclectic!

An Eclectic Lady Music Playlist
There is two kinds of music, the good, and the bad. I play the good kind.       Louis Armstrong

Music!!! Who’s life does it not touch in one way or another? When I go back in time and reminisce, usually there’s a song attached to a particular memory.  Every time I hear a Motown song, I think about the four-album compilation set my mom bought that included every single Motown hit imaginable.  When I hear a song by The Platters, it reminds me of coming home from school one day to my dad on a ladder painting the kitchen. I opened the door to “My Prayer” BLASTING on the record player as he cheerfully greeted me and asked if I wanted something to eat.

Traffic jams during my daily commute are more tolerable thanks to music. It motivates me while I’m working and makes me joyful while I’m playing.  I get my household chores done with amazing quickness when I have my favorite jams playing throughout the house.

When I set up my playlists, I love to shuffle my music to offer myself a little element of surprise when a new song starts to play.  “That’s my jam!” is one of my favorite phrases….LOL!

An Eclectic Lady Music Playlist

My “preference” in music covers a very wide range of genres – R&B, rock, dance, disco, hip hop, jazz along with some classical and opera thrown in (thanks Mom!).  I may enjoy the latest songs currently being played on the radio, but for the most part, I tend to gravitate toward classic, old school jams.  In no way can I listen to just one kind of music! There is way too much amazing music in the world for that!  Years ago, someone made fun of me for listening to jazz and rock and immediately labeled me “corny.”  Let’s just say that person didn’t stay in my life much longer after that….LOL!

Eclectic is the perfect word to describe my musical taste and the following playlist sums up that description quite well! This playlist will take you from dancing to singing to bopping your head to just quietly listening with your eyes closed.  I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do!

[cue id=”1359″]

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