2018 Natural Hair Care – New Year Hair Trim

an eclectic lady natural hair care

My Lesson On The Importance Of Hair Trims

My natural hair care routine went through a couple of game changers in 2017.  The first was discovering the power of Ayurvedic treatments and incorporating them into my regimen. The other was investing in a hair steamer for my deep conditioning treatments. Both were very helpful with improving my hair’s health and promoting maximum growth. However, I left out one critical component that finally caught up with me – not getting a regularly-scheduled hair trim! 

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Flaxseed Gel – An All-Natural Styler For Hair

flaxseed gel

Moisture and Shine…Organically!

Flaxseed gel is yet another natural hair community favorite that has been around for as long as I can remember.  I’ve always used it as my “summer hair gel” and now include it in my new Ayurvedic Hair Care Routine. In the past, I’ve had issues using flaxseed gel during the winter; for some reason I would not get the same good results that I get during the warmer weather months. This time around I’m hoping to keep it as a year-round product staple so I plan on doing some testing and tweaking with the recipe as the weather cools. In the meantime, I’ll keep it very simple and share what I’m doing right now.

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Ayurvedic Hair Care – The Routine (Part Two)

an eclectic lady ayurvedic hair care routine

Hair Health, Strength and Length!

Ayurvedic hair care has been my latest Glow Up blog topic for these past weeks. Now, I’ve officially started my Ayurvedic hair care regimen using my recently acquired stash of the CurlyProverbz x BelleBar Collection of Ayurvedic hair care products!

My natural hair care routine has changed a number of time over the last five years, but never get tired of searching for new ways of providing my hair with the best care possible. The Curly Proverbz X Belle Bar Collection is a great compliment to my weekly hair care goals regimen (click here for my Spring/Summer hair care routine) and hair growth goals. My “normal” routine already works well so I’m excited about the possible gains that I can achieve by adding these goodies to my product arsenal!

So without further adieu, let’s get to the new routine!

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Ayurvedic Hair Care – Products and Plan (Part One)

belle bar organic curly proverbz ayurvedic hair care

Stepping Up My Hair Care Game With Ayurveda!

Ayurvedic hair care has been a topic that has sparked my interest recently. I’ve been reading and watching videos (particularly YouTuber CurlyProverbz) about  the strengthening and growth benefits that Ayurvedic treatments offer.  “Ayurveda” is a holistic healing system created in India more than 3,000 years ago.  The basis of this system is the promotion of good health with treatments geared toward helping specific health issues using natural, organic ingredients.

When it comes to caring for my hair, I do my very best to keep things as simple as possible.  My hair care regimen has worked well with keeping my hair healthy and growing steadily, which is great!  My Mid-Year, Mid-Life Glow Up Project is in FULL EFFECT and now I’m ready to take my hair care routine up another notch with the help of Ayurvedic hair products.

This post (Part One) will cover all of the products that I am using.

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Glow Up! – The Mid-Year, Mid-Life Project

an eclectic lady mid-year mid-life glow up project

It’s Never Too Late To Glow Up!

“Glow up” is another one of my favorite terms these days!  The basic meaning is “to go through an incredible transformation.”  That could mean physically, mentally or professionally.  It is used to describe someone who has “taken it to that other level.”

My main goal in my growing-older adventure is to get better with age in various areas of my life. This requires some rubbing my hands together and getting to work. I’ve been pretty good with following my beauty routines, getting some exercise and eating a little better.  Now I want to take it to another level and really see what heights I can reach.  Yes, y’all, I am doing a Mid-Life Mid-Year Glow Up Project!

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