A Personal Beauty Space of One’s Own

My New Beauty/Work Room

In the home that I grew up in, my bedroom was the tiniest room in the house…I mean shoebox tiny and in serious competition with the bathroom as far as size was concerned! It was just big enough to fit a twin-sized bed, a little vanity desk/mirror set, a chalkboard, my record player, a chest for my selective collection of toys and a small closet for my clothes. I would spend many hours in there reading, doing my homework, playing with friends, dancing and listening to my favorites albums over and over again.  Just writing about it and recalling the comfort that I felt in my room gives me an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia.   That room was my world from the late 1960s up until I moved into my own place in the mid-1980s.  It was a personal space of my very own and I loved it.

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