Self Care – Looking Youthful As You Get Older

self care

 My Self Care “Secrets” For Mid-Lifers

Self care is a term that I use a lot because it’s an important part of physical and mental health. Self care helps with feeling great and looking your best at any age.  It helps to minimize the effects of aging as we grow older.  Have you ever run into someone you haven’t seen in years and notice that they haven’t aged since you saw them last?  Actually, they may look even younger!  You wonder or outright ask them if they got any” work done” or what their “secret” is  There are many factors involved in maintaining a youthful appearance.  Some people do get cosmetic procedures done (which is totally cool); others are just blessed.  Either way, self care still plays a large part in it.

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Body Care After Fifty – Ageless, Ashless Skin

Body Care - Smooth Soft Skin

 My Daily Body Care Routine

My 51-year old skin is a tale of opposites.  The skin on my face can be like an oil slick at times and requires a routine tailored for oil/combination-type skin.  The skin on my body is super dry and calls for a body care regimen that provides all-day moisture. Extra TLC is needed unless I want to spend the day in dry, ashy discomfort.

The following steps are what I do daily in my body care routine.  Give it a try to help combat your battle with dry skin!

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Bentonite Clay – Clarify and Beautify!

Why You Should Try A Bentonite Clay Hair Mask

Bentonite clay masks have earned a permanent place in my hair regimen! Once a month, I replace co-washing my hair with this mighty mask and here is why!

Have you ever used products (conditioner, moisturizers, gels, etc)  that have done wonders for your hair and, suddenly, they “stopped working?”  Based on my experience, there is a very good reason for this.  Over time, environmental toxins and hair care products can build up on your hair and scalp.  This buildup can prevent your hair from receiving the maximum benefits that your products have previously provided.

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Skincare After 50 – The Evening Edition

My Evening Skincare Routine

A commonly-known piece of skincare advice is “Always wash your face before bedtime.”  I could not agree more! As a makeup user with oily skin, cleaning my skin before calling it a night is something that I cannot miss!  I make sure to take time every night to clean and moisturize my skin thoroughly.  “Nighttime is the right time” when it comes to our skin because as we sleep the skin cells are at work repairing themselves.  Having a clean face helps with the nightly rejuvenation process. An uncleaned face (especially with makeup still on it) can clog up your pores and prevent your skin from breathing.  With this in mind, I use products that help maximize this process and give my skin some extra rejuvenation “love.” The products in this routine are also adaptable for normal to drier skin types.

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