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Body Care - Smooth Soft Skin

 My Daily Body Care Routine

My 51-year old skin is a tale of opposites.  The skin on my face can be like an oil slick at times and requires a routine tailored for oil/combination-type skin.  The skin on my body is super dry and calls for a body care regimen that provides all-day moisture. Extra TLC is needed unless I want to spend the day in dry, ashy discomfort.

The following steps are what I do daily in my body care routine.  Give it a try to help combat your battle with dry skin!

 Step One – Dry Brushing

I’ve known about dry brushing for so many years but just recently started doing it more consistently.  There are multiple health and beauty benefits from dry brushing, but for this post I will focus on how it has helped me with tackling skin dryness.  It works amazingly with removing dead skin cells AND minimizing cellulite!

Every morning, before jumping into the shower, I use my EcoTools Dry Body Brush or The Bathery Dry Brush.  I love both of these brushes because the bristles are stiff enough to exfoliate the skin yet soft enough that you don’t feel as if your scratching your skin off.  First, I put a towel on the floor to catch the dead skin that falls off during the process.  Starting at my feet I brush my skin in long upward strokes towards the heart. For example, from feet to knees, knees to upper thighs, core/breast/chest area (be ESPECIALLY gentle), lower back to upper back,  hands to upper arms. Some people prefer dry brushing in a circular moisture, which is perfectly fine as well.

Step Two – Cleansing

After I’m done dry brushing my skin, I jump into the shower and lather up with my new favorite soap from SheaMoisture –  100% Virgin Coconut Oil Shea Butter soap.  This soap not only cleanses well but is also SUPER moisturizing and smells so good!  When I spot it at my local CVS, I make sure to stock up!

Step Three – Moisturizing

The key to ensuring that my skin stays soft all day and night is applying layers of moisture to it. After my shower and before I dry off,  I immediately apply my old standby, Vitacost Extra Virgin Certified Organic Coconut Oil, all over my body. Next, I pat (not rub) my skin dry with a soft, fluffy towel.  I follow up by applying another delicious SheaMoisture product, 100% Coconut Oil & Organic Shea Butter Hydrating Body Lotion.  This lotion is luxuriously thick and is the perfect for extra dry skin! When the weather is super hot and muggy, I can usually skip the lotion and just go with the coconut oil.

The cherry on the top is that this routine leaves your skin smelling so good! I’m always being ask what fragrance I’m currently wearing and always surprise people when I tell them that it’s coconut oil and lotion!  All of these products made with natural and organic ingredients which is every better!

I hope that you give this regimen a try.  I promise that you will not be disappointed!



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  1. This is great information Cheryl! I will definitely try dry brushing, and possibly add it to my skin care regimen. I just love your Blog!!! Thank you!?

  2. Thank you for sharing….I had purchased a body brush about a year ago and used it once. Thanks for sharing the proper technique…time to dig it out again! Overall, thanks for giving me a new skin care routine!

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