Ayurvedic Hair Care – Products and Plan (Part One)

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Stepping Up My Hair Care Game With Ayurveda!

Ayurvedic hair care has been a topic that has sparked my interest recently. I’ve been reading and watching videos (particularly YouTuber CurlyProverbz) about  the strengthening and growth benefits that Ayurvedic treatments offer.  “Ayurveda” is a holistic healing system created in India more than 3,000 years ago.  The basis of this system is the promotion of good health with treatments geared toward helping specific health issues using natural, organic ingredients.

When it comes to caring for my hair, I do my very best to keep things as simple as possible.  My hair care regimen has worked well with keeping my hair healthy and growing steadily, which is great!  My Mid-Year, Mid-Life Glow Up Project is in FULL EFFECT and now I’m ready to take my hair care routine up another notch with the help of Ayurvedic hair products.

This post (Part One) will cover all of the products that I am using.

Natural Ayurvedic Growth Treatments

Last week while attending the Belle Bar Organic and Curly Proverbz Meet and Greet event, a gift bag of goodies from their Ayurvedic hair care collaboration collection was given to all attendees! These products are all about promoting strong, moisturized hair (which equals healthy hair growth!).  Here is a list of the goods given:

Growth Tea Rinse

Used as a weekly growth treatment, this tea rinse is packed with powerful ingredients including lavender, green tea, black tea, camomile and more! It adds moisture, strength and encourages hair growth. (click here for more product details)

Henna Hair Gloss Mask

Henna is the most well-known and popular of Ayurvedic ingredients. I remember using henna power as a teenager to mainly add some subtle color to my hair, but it does so much more than that.  It also strengthens and smooths hair, gives it great shine and provides temporary strength to the hair shaft. This hair gloss mask includes henna and other amazing ingredients that does all of this and more! (click here for more product details)

Cassia Hair Gloss Mask

Cassia powder looks a lot like henna powder, but does not stain or change the color of your hair (it is know as “henna neutral”)  It’s an excellent conditioner that makes hair glossy and thick.  It also promotes scalp health. The effects of cassia are not a long-lasting as henna. However it is an excellent option for those who are concerned about the color deposit that henna can add to hair. (click here for more product details)

“Methi” (Fenugreek) Infused Oil

Curly Proverbz’s diy hair growth oil video is one of the most popular on her YouTube channel. Users of her diy oil report having stronger, softer hair with an amazingly fast growth rate! This potent oil is the newest addition to the collection! (click here for more product details)

The Action Plan

I’m already in the process of incorporating all of these Ayurvedic hair care products into my hair regimen. I will go into detail on how I’m doing this in Part Two (my next post). As I closely monitor my hair’s health and growth, I will update you on my progress on a monthly basis.

Also, I’ll be trying out other Ayurvedic diy treatments as I move along in this healthy hair growth project so stay tuned for more blogs posts on that!



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  1. I’m familiar with Ayurveda techniques for yoga and healing, but I know nothing about hair and skin care. This was fascinating!! The hair mask looks incredible. Thank you for posting this info (:

  2. I have been using henna to color my hair many times but I never it had a lot of benefits as well. I never visit your blog without learning something new… Thank you for sharing, Will be coming back to see how this worked out and learn more 🙂

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