Natural Hair Care – Figuring Out What Works

an eclectic lady natural hair care

 YOUR Best Natural Hair

Natural hair care advice can run the gamut from simple to downright confusing!

One day as I was walking into Whole Foods, a lady stopped me.  She complimented my hair and asked, “How do you get your hair to look like that?”  I wasn’t quite sure how to answer her question, but I gave her a quick rundown of my wash and go routine.  Afterwards she asked, “So if I do that, will my hair come out the same?”  To this I answered, “I have no idea.”

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J.J. Smith’s Fat Flush Soup – Breaking the Cleanse

fat flush soup

A Delicious and Filling Low-Calorie Soup J.J. Smith’s Fat Flush Soup is designed to assist with weaning off of the 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse. This vegetable soup not only contains a few of my favorites things to eat (sweet potatos, carrots and beans), it “restores the body’s acid alkaline and sodium potassium balance.” It’s packed with […]

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