Wash and Go Routine for Natural Hair

My Defined Wash and Go Routine

Nothing beats the versatility of natural hair!  I went through a lot of trial and error during my first year of being natural to learn what products and styles work best for my hair.  Once I conquered that, I was able to put together a routine that keeps it moisturized, shiny and healthy. My favorite go-to style is the “Wash and Go.”  I love to switch my wash-and-go style between a curly ‘fro and a more defined curly style.

I constantly get asked what products I use and how I get my hair “so curly.”  Today, I will be sharing with you, step by step, the products and styling technique that I use for my defined wash-and-go hairstyle. Please note that everyone’s hair is different and the products and technique that I use may or may not work for your hair. 

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